Andy Stoll describes himself as a Social Entrepreneur.  When you hear him share his background, pivotal moments, his story, the way he spends his time and lives his life,  it all makes sense.

This conversation is one of those ones where you will want to sit with a pen and paper to capture the key moments and learning points.  It could be when Andy talks of coming out of University at 23 years of age wanting to change the world, and then quickly realised that he didn’t actually know how it worked.  Or it might be the subsequent travels and adventures he experienced, who and what he connected with while he was away, and how it led him back to where he started but with a new outlook and perspective.

We are all more similar than we are led to believe and it is the similarities that keep us connected

We also talk about the fact that this is the best time in history to make an idea happen and how the barriers to entry have virtually collapsed in the last decade.  We discuss how many of us are still looking for our tribe and community, and the fact that this is no longer limited by geography.  Connection and community is now borderless due to the benefits of technology.

I am not sure about you, but I for one have certainly found myself in that situation where I have wanted to change the world.  To make a big difference.  To create that dent in the Universe.  I have also found myself not really knowing where to start.  I came to appreciate that it is not always about the “big things”.  It can often be a culmination of the little things that make difference.  Just starting.  Reaching out to people. Talking. Creating. Sharing, and communicating various ways is all it takes to build momentum and as Andy and I spoke about, a community.  So whether you are a social entrepreneur, artist, business person, entertainer or whatever role you have, find your voice, share your story and you might be amazed at who is prepared to connect, to listen and to want to hear more.

If you want to connect with Andy Stoll and hear more of his story, then head over to or follow him on Twitter @andystoll or Facebook using AndyStoll

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