Dorie Clark has been on the infinite pie connection podcast before. In our previous conversation Dorie shared the story of her first book Re-Inventing You.  This book was for people in transition, or trying to find their thing.  In this conversation, Dorie is back to talk about her new book Stand Out.  Describing it as a sequel, Dorie highlights that this book is for people who feel that they have found there place, or understand their purpose, and what they are trying to do.  Now they want to make the biggest impact.

Dorie Clark talks to Alan Fawcett on the infinitely connection podcast about her new book Stand Out


Starting out as a personal quest, this book is the product of the research that Dorie has completed to understand how successful people “Stand Out”.  How they share their message and cut through the noise. By observing and interviewing successful people, Dorie reverse engineered the common traits and principles that these people demonstrated and applied.

During this conversation business author and speaker, Dorie and I will talk about what it takes to to find and develop your idea as well as the techniques and strategies to get it out there and share it with your audience.  Whilst we talk about the planning and understanding required, the key thing is to take action.  To try things.  Whether that be seeking feedback with interesting and quality questions, sharing your ideas with trusted advisors or putting your stuff out into the world.  All of them need you to take that first step.

If you are interested in making a difference, finding and connecting with your audience and Standing Out, then you will want to check this discussion out.

Of course you can always but the book.  If you want to connect with Dorie Clark, then you can head over to her website or follow her on twitter @DorieClark


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