Greg Tehven is from Fargo, North Dakota and he loves it.  Greg Tehven is a social entrepreneur and a connector of people.  Greg is out to make a difference.

I connected through my previous guest AJ Leon and his group of Misfits, as they are looking to put Fargo on the map and to separate it from the image portrayed in the film and television series.  Greg is all about making it the best place in the world to live.  I love it when people set out on those big adventures, often without pre-defined plans on how to get there.  Greg is one of those adventurers.

“I threw my hat over the fence, and now I have to think of a way to get my hat back”

I often talk of my “why wait” principle and throwing your hat over the fence without knowing how you will get it back is a classic example of “why wait?”

If our conversation is not enough for you then when you have finished listening why not check out Greg’s TEDX talk by clicking the link below.  We discuss it during our interview, however you will get to see and hear the passion and enthusiasm that Greg has, as he shares his perspective on “world class experiences”.

I love the fact that he went to the event with

“The intention for real human connection”

It shows all the way through, don’t you think?

Greg talks about bringing art and entrepreneurialism together.  We discuss the benefits of this, but we have heard it before right? Well why not see it in action.  Take a look at this video that shows a meet up and meal in Fargo.  Watch as the guests connect with a remarkable musician who is supported by an incredible yo-you champion.

So if you feel that you want to create the best city in the world, or you just want to make a difference, then why not connect with Greg Tehven via the website, follow him on twitter @gregfromfargo or you can email him with

Let us know about your community.

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