Deborah Mills Scofield describes her time at Brown University, consulting on strategy and innovation, an insatiable curiosity and being addicted to learning

From the moment I started speaking with Deborah Mills-Scofield I could hear her passion and enthusiasm for the things we were about to discuss, and we certainly discuss a lot.  Deb describes herself as insatiably curious and addicted to learning, and I can see why.  We talk about her love for books and reading, her time at Brown University (past and present), cognitive science, learning and development, and management principle, and how they can all be applied personally and professionally.

Deb has an infectious nature and I found myself learning whilst laughing along.  I was not just asking questions of her through this conversation, but also of myself.  As we discuss the power of connection, and the people, places and things that Deb connects with, it becomes clear how important this is.  As Deb shares the names of the people that I should reach out and connect with, she describes them with such thoughtfulness, with such conviction and with such honesty.  It is really is obvious that these are connections that count.

There are many lessons throughout this conversation.  Of course there is ‘what’ Deb shares, but as importantly there is ‘the way’ that Deb shares them.

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