Maruxa Murphy and Alan Fawcett discuss the importance of connections, life lessons, thinking outside the box and making a difference

Stop Settling…

In episode #40 of the infinite pie connection podcast Alan Fawcett talks with Maruxa Murphy.  In this conversation we discuss the pivotal moments, the experiences and most importantly the reflection and the lessons that have brought Maruxa to the wonderful place she is now.  This includes acting as a child, starting “businesses” at the age of 11, travelling the world, hard work, impact of the financial down turn, revisiting purpose and passion, true connection and being open to opportunity.

Maruxa Murphy shares her story and talks about the points in her life that have helped to shape and develop her perspective and outlook.  Whilst often exposed to the standard expectations that life is about a good education, getting a good job and working hard in your career until retirement, Maruxa points out that her father was quick to suggest that this is a boring way to live your life. Maruxa’s parents were extremely supportive, inspirational and helped develop the perspective to “think bigger and outside the box”.  This included walking the grounds of College campus’s at the age of 8 and establishing which one she would attend.  By 11 Maruxa had demonstrated her entrepreneurial side, having established various businesses, including a babysitting club for the local children (taking a fee for providing all the sales and marketing expertise).

As a child Maruxa wanted to be an actress like her mother and her grandmother before her, as she saw them having so much fun.  Maruxa achieved this dream as she acted between the age of 4 and 18.  When attending college, Maruxa found herself reflecting and reviewing and followed another interest and passion, living in Spain for 6 months studying for an International Politics Major.

More amazing experiences followed as Maruxa was asked by the college she attended to stay on and work with them in the admissions office.  This brought more travel and opportunity, however it also raised some questions.  Maruxa found herself looking at those around her and wondered why so often the good people, who want to make a difference, are either poor or burnt out (or both).

Not one to stand still, Maruxa looked for additional opportunities and developed a scrap booking business, helping people to capture their stories.  Then a spa company, working with ladies and teaching them how to look after themselves.  However, the spa business created a sense of incongruence as Maruxa was working 100 hours per week at this point.  There was a need to step back and establish what was important and what she wanted to do.

In addition, this came at the time of the Global Financial Crisis and as her husband Dennis worked in the mortgage industry, like many, he lost his job.  There soon became a realisation that they did not have all the answers as no jobs were forthcoming or even appearing on the horizon. At a time when they were on government welfare and on the verge of losing their home, they reflected on what was important and continued to find joy in the simple things in life.

During our conversation Maruxa explains how an opportunity eventually arose for Dennis to work with one of his mentors.  However it meant a big move across the country, away from the support network.  It meant leaving everything that was safe and comfortable.  It was during this move that Maruxa had a pivotal conversation with Dennis’s mentor David.  Through her ability to question, be present and be interested, Maruxa ended up being offered a role as the “voice of the events”.

Maruxa ensures that she takes the chance to reflect on her “why” on a regular basis to avoid constantly focusing on the “hows” and losing sight of her true purpose.  This now is integral in her business, The Eureka Laboratory, a place that helps people to take their “I’ve found it” moments, share them and bring them to life.  Maruxa creates an environment that allows people to take risks, to be vulnerable and to understand what it takes to get out of comfort zones.  By working with them, creating connections and communicating effectively it helps others to recognise this before they get to these challenges.

Maruxa believes that it is extremely important to have a support network around you.  It is very easy to think that you have to try and do it all on your own, however this can also create an environment in which it is easy to stop when obstacles arise.

Through the wide and varied experiences and support networks that Maruxa has, she has learned that anything is possible, life is what you make it and it is important to think outside the box.

Given the opportunity, Maruxa would love to connect with Frank Warren of and would also suggest that I connect with Mark Alan Effinger to share his inspirational story.

Maruxa Murphy top tip – Stop settling.  Give yourself the privilege of loving yourself enough to stop settling.

If you would like to connect to Maruxa Murphy you can get in touch via the website Captivate your Clients and as well as the kids book review site Kids Books Only

Quick Update – Since this post first came out, Maruxa has gone on to team up with co-host Therese Sparby to create a new podcast called “I Want What She’s Having”.  Do yourself a favour and check it out.

If you have enjoyed this episode then make sure you check out some of our previous guests.  There are great stories, fantastic tips and some incredible advice.  Join the other infinite pie thinkers and let me know your story.  We love to get to know the people behind the numbers and of course, make sure you are creating connections that count.

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