Learning and Development

You do great things, but you have more to offer

Personal Development Workshop

You have a desire to learn more, do more, create more. You are keen to help others to get great results. You know there is more to it than competence. It is not simply “collecting the dots” but focusing on “connecting the dots” that will help achieve the outcomes you are looking for. To be able to “do stuff that matters, with people who count, in places that inspire”.

  • Life long learning
  • Learning environment
  • Personal responsibility and ownership
  • Maximizing potential
  • Meaningful work
  • Self awareness/ self knowledge
  • Talent development

Team Development Workshop

The common factor for success is often based on the people around you. However there is more to a great team than just surrounding yourself with great people. Great teams have vision, values and alignment not to mention a focus and understanding of the value in developing as a team, to the point of it becoming greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Team development is not always linear – learn how to avoid regression
  • Recognize and evaluate performance
  • Identify and understand the cause of change in behavior and results
  • Set expectations
  • Set challenge and avoid destructive confrontation
  • Understand roles and responsibilities
  • Recognise when a team is ready to evolve

Business Development Workshop

We will help you to map what business development means to you, so you can clearly define where you should be focusing your time, energy, resource and of course budget, to maximize value for the organization through connection to your customers and key stakeholders.


This workshop focuses on creating a strategy and approach that generates sustainable relationships bring long term value.

  • Gain clarity and focus on your priority areas
  • Know your customer
  • Develop connections and relationships with stakeholders, suppliers, partners and customers
  • Become “remarkable” through introductions and recommendations

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