Marc Winn is a values based person.  That becomes obvious from the moment you speak with him.  Marc has decided to do stuff that matters and to make a difference.   Of course you may have heard that stuff before, but take a listen to hear about the Dandelion Project and his perspective on the the future of education, and so much more.

Marc highlights the pivotal moment that he had a nervous breakdown as he on ran a successful company that didn’t serve him.

 “If you work for a long time in an environment that is not in alignment with who you are, then eventually something breaks”

We talk about hitting rock bottom and the impact it has on the way you perceive fear and risk.  I have spoken many times about people who have a compelling reason to change and using that as the catalyst or momentum to do something different.  To get a new perspective.  To truly connect with yourself and those around you.  Marc did just that.

“I decided to choose life over money”

Along with previous guests AJ Leon, Srini Rao, Israel Smith and Greg Tehven, Marc is a Misfit.  I think that by listening to their stories we can find ways to find what is important to us, without having to go through the pain.  We can find a “compelling reason to change” that inspires us, just like they did, but hopefully before without having to hit bottom first.

I could fill these show notes with quotes and soundbites from our conversation, and I am sure that you would connect and resonate and many of them.  The question is, would it inspire you to change.  Would it help you to do more of the great stuff you are doing?  Would it make a difference to you?

Marc and I discuss the fact that –

“Everybody is just waiting for permission”

Well I say “why wait?” (and I have written about this perspective before).

Take some time and listen to this episode of the podcast and see what sticks out for you.

Whether it is –

“Life is just a game”

“Receiving is an act of generosity”

The question Marc asks himself each day –

“How do I impact people positively everyday, just by having coffee?”

Or the challenging –

“If someone is holding you back, spend less time with them”

This is something that I work with people on, both personally and professionally helping them with it via The Connection Mapping process.  How to explore and understand which connections and relationships  are serving you and which aren’t, and of course what to do about it.

So take a listen, think about what you connect with and of course how you can –

“Ritualise the mundane to make space to do the stuff you love”

Marc Winn seems to have done just that.

Oh and listen at the end to hear about the way things lined up for Marc and I to have that cup of coffee.

If you want to connect with Marc Winn then head over to where you can find more details and access his blog as well as his Facebook page and Twitter

As always if you connected with this episode then make sure you share it with someone else that you think will benefit and enjoy it.  That is how you “create connections that count”.





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