Dorie Clark is a Marketing Strategy Consultant, Professor at Business schools and author of the book Reinventing You, Define your Brand, Imagine your Future, as well as writing for the likes of Harvard Business Review and Forbes amongst others.  During our conversation Dorie shares her original desire to be a spy and what some may say is a controversial choice of her favourite James Bond.

It is safe to say that my chat with Dorie Clark covered a lot of ground, as we discussed travel, experiencing new locations and cultures, as well as developing and defining our personal brands and the stories we constantly tell ourselves and others.

There are top tips throughout, however as we point out, it is how you take action and apply these tips that will make the difference. It is a noisy world with a considerable amount of content for people to choose from.  How can you make an impact and stand out?  “Having a body of work and being knowledgeable about it is table stakes” says Dorie, it really is about how you help others to connect the dots and connect with your story.

“If you do not create your own story, other people will create one for you.”  So are you clear on the story you are telling?

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