In my conversation with Israel Smith we talk about “doing stuff that matters”.  Israel shares how he left education and landed a good, well paid job in IT.  Israel Smith is a Misfit.  Introduced to me by previous guest AJ Leon of Misfit Inc, Israel tells me about this connection.  From the outside in it would appear that Israel Smith had life sorted and was “successful’.  The thing is, over time Israel recognised that this work did not light him up, it did not give him a sense of purpose and it didn’t provide him with that reason to get out of bed in the morning.

As I spoke with Israel, he talked of being diagnosed with stress related depression and the impact it had on those around him.  Israel outlines what it took to turn his back on the IT industry and to start a business around doing something he loved and enjoyed – Photography.  Israel asked himself the question –

“What is your life really about?”

The interesting thing was that Israel then followed the standard business practice of building processes, systems and workflows that meant he could replicate his offering using other photographers, and it didn’t work.  It didn’t work because it took Israel away from the part of the work that inspired him.  Taking Photographs.

“I am helping people hold onto those awesome moments.  I photograph so many beautiful stories.”

Israel started to hate what he loved.  Photography.  So he stripped it all back and focused on what was important.   Taking pictures of families.

Israel Smith is now preparing for the next step on his adventure with his wife and children, so listen in to hear all about it.

If you want to connect with Israel Smith, then head over to his website (and check the other site  as it is all about health and wellness) and follow him on twitter @IsraelPSmith and let him know we sent you.




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