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Royston Guest on infinite pie thinking with Al Fawcett



Royston Guest is an entrepreneur. He has written the Number 1 best selling book “Built to Grow” and has since gone on to write “Rise, Start Living the Life You Were Meant to Lead”. He is a business strategist, executive coach, conference speaker and the founder of PTI Worldwide, a global consultancy and people development business. As you will hear, Royston has also recently launched Pathways Global, a data led, mentor style, growth insights platform for your business, of which he is the CEO.

In this conversation, Royston shares his knowledge and experience of growing businesses and throughout the discussion you will hear about

  • The power of mastery
  • The true value of quality questions
  • Learning from successful people
  • How prioritisation moves the needle
  • The benefit of alignment
  • Leaders as great storytellers
  • Coaching stories
  • Successful people and their insatiable thirst for knowledge
  • The impact of setting people up for success
  • Having conversations with a purpose

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Pathways Global website
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