Russell Anderson-Williams on infinite pie thinking with Al Fawcett

Russell Anderson-Williams

Russell Anderson-Williams on infinite pie thinking with Al Fawcett


Today I am speaking with Russell Anderson Williams the founder of 2 presentation design agencies – Prezenter ltd and Onside Presentations. Russell and his agencies work with people across the globe to level up the quality of their presentations and cultivate the creativity in their organisations.

His client list includes Chelsea & Aston Villa football clubs, the English Institute of Sport, England Cricket, the British Tennis Association, England Rugby, MTV, Malmaison Hotels, and many more.

Based on his experience, he was approached to write a book on the presentation tool Prezi and has recently written a new book Present like a Master – use the 4C’s.

In our conversation we discussed the 3 core things that we are all about at infinite pie, culture, teamwork and leadership. We also covered –

  • the impact of exploring chance opportunities
  • creativity
  • selling happiness
  • daily routines
  • doing the work
  • leadership and building a team
  • just how many presentations you are doing without knowing it
  • the mindset required to doing them well.

To learn more about Russell, you can find him here on LinkedIn.

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Thanks for listening, now go and do stuff that matters and have a great one.



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