Leon Lloyd on infinite pie thinking with Al Fawcett

Leon Lloyd on Transition and Change

Leon Lloyd on infinite pie thinking with Al Fawcett


Hi, I’m Al Fawcett and this is infinite pie thinking.

Leon Lloyd played professional Rugby at the highest level, winning caps as an England International and multiple trophies and honours with the Leicester Tigers. Having to retire at 30 due to injury meant that Leon had to ready himself for a new life and new challenges. He had prepared for the change, he had done his homework and was ready to apply the research. However it still came as a shock to him, just how much change was required.

In this conversation, Leon shares his thoughts on –

  • what it takes to be ready for change.
  •  the value of learning from those around you and having a thirst for knowledge
  • Peer led accountability
  • Becoming a product of your environment
  • The impact of trying not to make mistakes
  • How to give and take feedback (spoiler – keep it simple)
  • Turning great individuals into a successful team

Leon Lloyd is now the CEO of Switch the Play, an organisation set up with a mission to empower sports people to plan for, and manage, a successful transition to life after sport. He is also an entrepreneur, key note speaker and author of the book – From Boot Room To Board Room.

You can follow Leon via twitter @LeonLloyd13 or LinkedIn using Leon Lloyd

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Thanks for listening, now go and do stuff that matters, and have a great one.

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